• Wolfe's Hope (Breeds #10) The Ex Games (The Ex Games #1)

    I was in the kitchen grabbing a bottle of water from the fridge when a girl’s scream came from the basement. Seconds later, something small and fast sped up the stairs, coming to a halt when it saw the warriors blocking its way.

    The asshole had fallen asleep.I stepped closer to the bed. Caleb? I shook the mattress a little.

    Burn (Blood & Roses #3)

    Wondering if he was pretending to sleep as an immature way to get rid of me, I held my finger under his nose. The lack of movement from him and the steady, even breaths he took convinced me he was asleep. Relief moved through me. I slipped on my shoes, studying the potently beautiful and masculine man lying in bed.It was the kind of sex I would never forget, even if I had been getting sex regularly.And I decided right there and then to get over myself. So what if I didn’t like Caleb? Being attracted to someone I didn’t like didn’t make me a bad person. It made me human. And you know what? For a couple of hours everything had been simple and good.

    Darke (Septimus Heap #6)

    Knowing he was asleep, I approached him quietly and acknowledged that if he was clean shaven he’d look almost boyish in his sleep. I wanted to kiss that pouty mouth one last time, but I was afraid it would wake him.Thank you, I whispered. I’d never say this if you were awake because … well, we both know you’re an asshole … but I needed this. It’s … it’s been a shitty week. And this was nice. Uncomplicated. Thanks for being just the guy I could have sex with. I smiled. And thanks for living up to my grand expectations. Not that you need your ego stroked.

    I turned and moved across the room, grabbing my purse off the floor. Then I stopped and looked back at him, sleeping peacefully. And P.S. You win when you realize that anyone can hurt you, even those you never expect it from. Once you know that … you’ll never be knocked off your feet long enough to lose.

    As I slipped out of the hotel room, I knew deep down I hadn’t said those words to a sleeping man who couldn’t hear them. I’d said them to myself. Because as much as I didn’t like the bastard … he’d somehow still taken something from me in there, and I couldn’t have that.She led the way to the covered walkway that lined the front lagoon. It was a beautiful, natural setting with seawater and fish flowing in and out. Nate inched closer to the rope fence that bordered the lagoon. He peered over the edge, poised for flight. Just a month earlier, Nate had run down the dock at Sea Breeze and leaped into the Cove. He’d been fearless with Delphine. Now Carson watched his cautious, even timid posture and felt the weight of her responsibility in helping this boy through his sense of loss.

    A long, sleek dolphin swam right beneath Nate, tilted to look up at him, then began making clicking sounds. Carson was relieved when she saw Nate smile.Carson turned toward the voice. A slender woman with flowing brown hair in nylon fishing pants and a pale blue dolphin T-shirt approached, carrying a clipboard. She smiled as she drew near, and her beautiful, warm eyes captured Carson’s attention, making her feel welcome.

    Lord John and the Brotherhood of the Blade (Lord John Grey #2)

    I’m Carson Muir. Nate Tupper’s aunt. I’m here with him for the program.Nice to meet you. I’m Joan, the director of the program. I’ll be working with Nate this week.

    Thank you for squeezing us in on short notice.Happy to do it. I understand we have a little boy who’s had a bad experience with a dolphin. Her gaze searched out Nate. When she found him leaning over the rope fence making clicking noises back to the dolphin, a grin spread across her face. I’m pretty sure the dolphins are going to take good care of him.

    Small steps, Carson told herself, repeating the advice that Dora had given her on the telephone the night before.The first session with Joan at the Dolphin Research Center was going better than Carson had hoped. They began in the small classroom, where creative activities with a dolphin-based theme introduced the goals set by Dora and Joan. Dora had spoken with Joan by telephone prior to Carson and Nate’s arrival, and had communicated that she wanted Nate to work on overcoming his guilt over the accident, but also to help him with his interpersonal skills. Joan had formed Team Nate, telling Carson that they’d work together to make sure Nate met his goals.

    When she handed Nate his schedule, he clasped it firmly and immediately bent over the table to study it thoroughly. Carson could almost hear his sigh of relief at the sight of the schedule, a simple piece of paper that promised him order throughout his day and removed the threat of the unknown.For most of the classroom session Carson sat along the wall as an observer. From this vantage point, a fly on the wall, she was fascinated to watch Joan slowly, firmly, steadily build on skills that allowed Nate to grow comfortable. She spoke with a warm lilt in her voice that eventually broke through Nate’s reserve. Carson was proud when Nate revealed how bright he was, and how knowledgeable about dolphins. From time to time Joan would turn her head to meet Carson’s gaze, brows raised in surprise that Nate knew the answer to a question.