• Stay with Me (Wait for You #3) Shades of Gray (KGI #6)

    No. We discussed that, but I told him I was afraid if he flew out Ellie would insist on coming as well. I managed to convince him I had everything under control. I suggested they let you handle this on your own with my help.

    Youre late—why did you drive—All of the greetings came to a halt as she walked in…and Silas followed.

    My True Love Gave to Me: Twelve Holiday Stories

    In the shallow living room, her fifteen nearest and dearest relatives froze in mid-drink, mid-eat, mid-hello, mid-bitch, the lot of them transfixed by the elegant male who carefully closed them all in together.Which was, she supposed, kind of like screwing the lid on a Diet Coke two-liter. After you put the Mentos in.Im actually a vacuum salesman. Silas put a hand on her shoulder. But no worries, dearest Ivie has made me swear not to start preaching about suction, rolling balls, or wand attachments. Havent you, darling. And evidently the bag-versus-canister debate is off-limit. Shes rather strict with these things.

    A Highland Wolf Christmas (Heart of the Wolf #15)

    There was a heartbeat of silence. And then her family started laughing.Everyone, she said with a grin, this is Silas. Silas…meet everybody.

    Silas met her mother, both her grandmothers, two aunts, an uncle on her fathers side, and the composite nieces, nephews, and grand-nieces and -nephews, and cousins one by one. And with each introduction, he looked her family member in the eye, shook hands, accepted hugs, smiled, joked, was serious when necessary, and was absolutely frickin perfect.

    The best part? His sincerity was a winner across the board. He seemed honestly interested in Granhmens stubbed toe, then her uncles bad tooth, the cold weather, the disappointment that the Patriots had lost in the playoffs, more on the weather, the human government, the Syracuse mens basketball teams losing defensive strategy against Louisville, again with the weather, how to crochet a throw rug, why birds flew south late this year (Global Warming, were all going to die), and finally, how best to prepare Swedish meatballs in grape jelly in a Crock-Pot.Grabbing her shirt, she held it to her bare breasts and slid out from under him, her bra flopping around because the straps were still up on her shoulders. With her damp hair, and her all-undone, and a bitch of an ache in her lower body, she reached for the phone just as the call went into voicemail.

    Sloughing off the bra, she pulled the shirt over her head and took a deep breath. Then she called her dad back.As she waited for the male to pick up, she had to face away from Silas. He was no doubt sitting back on the sofa cushions with his own version of messy hair and rumpled clothing—not the kind of sexy display you wanted to be staring at when your father—


    Hi, Dad! Oh, yeah, no, Im sorry. I got home and went right into the shower, and then I was fixing something to eat and left my phone in my purse. What? I know. Uh-huh. Yup. Of course. She is? Oh, thats—what? Ah…sure. Id love to. Looking forward to it. No, itll just be me. Tell Mom I said I love her. Okay. Yup. Uh-huh. Right—look, Dad, Im sorry to cut you off, but my dinner is getting cold. I love you, too. Yes, I paid the cable. No, I have plenty of money. You dont have to take care of me, remember? Im grown up now. Okay. Love—love you. Yup…okay. Bye.As she tried to get off, she leaned down closer and closer to the coffee table, like she was on an old-fashioned phone that had a receiver you could hang up.

    And then she was free and turning back around.Silas was indeed in lounging recline on the couch, one arm stretched across the back, the other resting on a throw pillow hed put on his lap for a good reason. But it looked like dinner had absolutely cooled. His face was remote, his eyes no longer burning, his body stiff, although not, she sensed, because he was ready to jump her anymore.

    That was my dad, she said. Duh.Theres a lot of love there. I can tell. He smiled briefly. Listen, Ive got to go. I drove here, and I need to leave now before it gets too light.

    Ivie crossed her arms over her chest. Okay.After a moment, he shifted his legs around her and got to his feet. Can I come see you tomorrow night when you get off work?