• Leviathan (Leviathan #1) Illusion (The Vampire Destiny #2)

    "You already bring me so much joy, the days before I found you seem lifeless and cold. I love you, Elizabeth Monroe, and even if it takes the rest of my days on this Earth I will thank Fate for sending me the most perfect mate and I will spend each moment showing you how grateful I am for you."

    Now that made me laugh. He wouldn’t have the balls. Anyway, there’s something I want to ask you—I felt the presence of another god a second before the runes sparked alive on my skin. I spun, stepping in front of Aiden as the air crackled with power—absolute power.

    Immortalis (The DemonWars Saga #7)

    Sitting with my legs curled under me, I hid my grin as Alexandria Alex Andros paced in front of me while I sat on a couch in a room I’d actually never been in before.The University in South Dakota was on a huge, sprawling campus, so there were a ton of places I hadn’t seen yet. Entire buildings I hadn’t even stepped foot in.But damn, I wished I’d seen this room before, because it was full of great ways to waste a day away with, everything from air hockey to Pac-Man. The arcade games behind me were quiet, as were the tables, but I figured even if they were turned on, Alex would’ve drowned out the beeps and thuds with her rant.

    How to Ruin Your Boyfriend's Reputation (How to Ruin #3)

    Saying Alex was annoyed would’ve been an understatement.I can’t believe they left me here. Her pretty, heart-shaped face was flushed with irritation. I could’ve helped them.

    If I hadn’t started roaming around, looking to see if Seth had returned, I wouldn’t have run into Alex, who was also roaming around, looking for Aiden. The moment I asked if she’d seen Seth, she’d put two and two together, and then her uncle Marcus, the dean at the University, had confirmed what she’d suspected.

    Aiden and Seth had left to deal with an issue in Los Angeles.I gasped, realizing he was reading my mind.

    And you know what? Luc could tell you exactly why there aren’t many Origins left. Metal dented under the hand resting on the truck. The paint immediately smoked and peeled back. My eyes widened. Don’t, he murmured, straightening his sunglasses with his other. Don’t draw unnecessary attention, Evie.My heart thundered. Why, oh why, didn’t we have retinal checks at the entrances of the parking lot? Then again, Luc had those contacts, and I had a feeling this Origin would’ve found a way around them.

    Hope Flames (Hope #1)

    Because if you draw attention to us, then I’m going to have to make a scene, he continued. And I’ve already made quite a few scenes. I think you’ve witnessed at least one of them.The next breath caught in my throat as I realized what he was talking about. You . . . you’re responsible for what happened to Amanda? Colleen?

    Well, I wouldn’t say I was a hundred percent responsible. The easy grin remained fixed But I’m not solely responsible.I tried to draw in a shallow breath, but it did nothing to ease the pressure clamping down on my chest as I glanced around. People were near their cars, but no one was looking at us. Why would they? From a distance, he just looked like some normal guy, especially with the sunglasses on.

    Evie, he said my name so softly. Are you paying attention to me?Yes. My gaze shot back to his.

    Good. Now ask me who else is responsible.My heart was tripping all over itself as I forced the words out. Who else is responsible?