• Chasing Shadows (First Wives #3) The Iron Daughter (The Iron Fey #2)

    You suspected this for a while, though. I hadnt had the chance to discuss it with him last night. The Cauldron, the king, the Book … You wanted it confirmed, but you were waiting for me. Had you agreed to work with me two months ago, I would have taken you right to the Bone Carver to see if he confirmed my suspicions about your talents. But things didnt go as planned. No, they most certainly hadnt. The reading, I said, sliding my feet into fleece-lined, thick-soled slippers. Thats why you insisted on the lessons. So if your suspicions were true and I could harness the Book … I could actually read it—or any translation of whatever is inside. A book that old might very well be written in an entirely different language. A different alphabet. Again, he said, now striding for the dresser, had you started to work with me, I would have told you why. I couldnt risk discovery otherwise. He paused with a hand on the knob. You should have learned to read no matter what. But yes, when I told you it served my own purposes—it was because of this. Do you blame me for it? No, I said, and meant it. But Id prefer to be notified of any future schemes. Duly noted. Rhys yanked open the drawers and pulled out my undergarments. He dangled the bits of midnight lace and chuckled. Im surprised you didnt demand Nuala and Cerridwen buy you something else. I stalked to him, snatching the lace away. Youre drooling on the carpet. I slammed the bathing room door before he could respond. He was waiting as I emerged, already warm within the fur-lined leather. He held up the belt of knives, and I studied the loops and straps. No swords, no bow or arrows, he said. Hed worn his own Illyrian fighting leathers—that simple, brutal sword strapped down his spine. But knives are fine? Rhys knelt and spread wide the web of leather and steel, beckoning for me to stick a leg through one loop. I did as instructed, ignoring the brush of his steady hands on my thighs as I stepped through the other loop, and he began tightening and buckling things. She will not notice a knife, as she has knives in her cottage for eating and her work. But things that are out of place—objects that have not been there … A sword, a bow and arrow … She might sense those things. What about me? He tightened a strap. Strong, capable hands—so at odds with the finery he usually wore to dazzle the rest of the world into thinking he was something else entirely. Do not make a sound, do not touch anything but the object she took from me. Rhys looked up, hands braced on my thighs. Bow, hed once ordered Tamlin. And now here he was, on his knees before me. His eyes glinted as if he remembered it, too. Had that been a part of his game—that façade? Or had it been vengeance for the horrible blood feud between them? If were correct about your powers, he said, if the Bone Carver wasnt lying to us, then you and the object will have the same … imprint, thanks to the preserving spells I placed on it long ago. You are one and the same. She will not notice your presence so long as you touch only it. You will be invisible to her. Shes blind? A nod. But her other senses are lethal. So be quick, and quiet. Find the object and run out, Feyre. His hands lingered on my legs, wrapping around the back of them. And if she notices me? His hands tightened slightly. Then well learn precisely how skilled you are. Cruel, conniving bastard. I glared at him. Rhys shrugged. Would you rather I locked you in the House of Wind and stuffed you with food and made you wear fine clothes and plan my parties? Go to hell. Why not get this object yourself, if its so important? Because the Weaver knows me—and if I am caught, there would be a steep price. High Lords are not to interfere with her, no matter the direness of the situation. There are many treasures in her hoard, some she has kept for millennia. Most will never be retrieved—because the High Lords do not dare be caught, thanks to the laws that protect her, thanks to her wrath. Any thieves on their behalf … Either they do not return, or they are never sent, for fear of it leading back to their High Lord. But you … She does not know you. You belong to every court. So Im your huntress and thief? His hands slid down to cup the backs of my knees as he said with a roguish grin, You are my salvation, Feyre. CHAPTER 20 Rhysand winnowed us into a wood that was older, more aware, than any place Id been. The gnarled beech trees were tightly woven together, splattered and draped so thoroughly with moss and lichen that it was nearly impossible to see the bark beneath. Where are we? I breathed, hardly daring to whisper. Rhys kept his hands within casual reach of his weapons. In the heart of Prythian, there is a large, empty territory that divides the North and South. At the center of it is our sacred mountain. My heart stumbled, and I focused on my steps through the ferns and moss and roots. This forest, Rhys went on, is on the eastern edge of that neutral territory. Here, there is no High Lord. Here, the law is made by who is strongest, meanest, most cunning. And the Weaver of the Wood is at the top of their food chain. The trees groaned—though there was no breeze to shift them. No, the air here was tight and stale. Amarantha didnt wipe them out?

    It wasnt fair to her, he elaborated. The way I was treating her. Juni is fantastic, and I did like her. But the truth is, I didnt like her enough.Yeah, that makes sense, I said, just to say something.

    Shady Lady (Corine Solomon #3)

    He took a deep breath. And theres no point in dancing around things anymore. I have feelings for you, Bryn, very strong feelings, and I think you feel the same way.I … you know … I… I was too stunned to properly form a sentence, and I wasnt even sure what I wanted to say.Of course I had feelings for Ridley, and while part of me was thrilled to hear he felt the same way, nothing had changed. He was still my boss, the Överste, actually, which meant that we would both be in serious trouble if we were to get involved.

    Before Now (Sometimes Never #2)

    So what could I say to him? That I loved him, but it didnt matter because we couldnt be together? What would even be the point of admitting how I felt?Through my shock and confusion, I realized something in the room had changed. Everyone had stopped dancing, and as I looked around the room the musicians stopped playing. Ilsa had been singing Why Dont You Do Right? but just stopped mid-word.

    Most of the light in the room came from fairy lights and candles, but someone flipped on the overhead light, blinding everyone. I lifted up my arm to shield my face, and I finally saw the reason for the change.

    Reid Kasten, King Everts personal guard, stood at the entrance.I went over to see what he saw. Our room was just above the tops of the trees, and from here we had a stunning view of the trees and the water below. A few birds flew by, their wings like arcs in the bright sun, and I had to admit that he was right.

    Do you think you could fit through these bars? he asked.What? Id been looking past the window and now I turned my attention to the three thick bars that held us in the room.


    The bars. He started pushing at the stones that lined the window. This place isnt in the best shape, so I think I could loosen a couple stones, and—he glanced over at my waist, then looked back at the width between one bar and the window frame—I think you could just squeeze through.I leaned forward, poking my head through the bars and looking at the sheer drop many stories below to the muddy banks. The image of Kennet falling to his death flashed through my mind, and I looked away, hoping to stop the replay.

    Maybe, but then what? I asked as I stepped back from the window. Ill die on the way down.You can climb. Theres grooves between the stones. Konstantin peered down. If you climbed out carefully and went slowly, I think you could do it.

    Even if I can, what would you do? I asked. Id probably just barely be able to squeeze through, and youre much broader than I am. You wouldnt be able to make it.He turned back to me and shrugged. So?

    So? I scoffed. How will you get out of here?I wont, he replied simply. Im the one that suggested we come here and got us into this. We dont both need to rot in this tower until the end of time.