• The Morning Star (Katerina #3) Falling for My Best Friend's Brother (One Night Stand #2)

    She was aroused. Gloriously so, and it was all he could do not to drag her onto the bed then and there.

    A hermaphrodite, Mr. Phelps? Gareth asked, just to see the poor fellow blush.To his credit, the valet made no reaction save squaring his jaw. It is Miss Bridgerton.

    Catalyst (Vampire Apocalypse #2)

    Gareth jumped to his feet so quickly he smacked both his thighs on the edge of the desk. Here? he asked. Now?Phelps nodded, looking just a little bit pleased at his discomfiture. She gave me her card. She was rather polite about it all. As if it were nothing out of the ordinary.Gareth’s mind spun, trying to figure out why on earth Hyacinth would do something so ill-advised as to call upon him at his home in the middle of the day. Not that the middle of the night would have been better, but still, any number of busybodies might have seen her entering the building.

    The Spine of the World (Paths of Darkness #2)

    Ah, show her in, he said. He couldn’t very well turn her out. As it was, he would certainly have to return her to her home himself. He couldn’t imagine she’d come with a proper escort. She’d probably brought no one save that peppermint-eating maid of hers, and heaven knew she was no protection on the streets of London.He crossed his arms as he waited. His rooms were set up in a square, and one could access his study from either the dining room or his bedchamber. Unfortunately, the day maid had chosen this day to provide the dining room floor with some sort of twice-yearly wax that she swore (rather vocally and on her dear mother’s grave) would keep the floor clean and ward off disease. As a result, the table had been shoved up against the door to the study, which meant that the only way in was through his bedroom.

    Gareth groaned and shook his head. The last thing he needed was to picture Hyacinth in his bedroom.

    He hoped she felt awkward passing through. It was the least she deserved, coming out here on her own.And who knows? Maybe Penelope had hopes and dreams of a life beyond the one she shared with her mother and sister in their small home on Mount Street. Maybe she had plans and goals of her own but kept them to herself under a veil of dignity and good humor.

    Maybe there was more to her than there seemed. Maybe, he thought with a sigh, she deserved an apology.He wasn't precisely certain what he needed to apologize for; he wasn't certain there was a precise thing that needed it.

    Lady Friday (The Keys to the Kingdom #5)

    But the situation needed something.Aw, hell. Now he was going to have to attend the Smythe-Smith musicale this evening. It was a painful, discordant, annual event; just when one was sure that all the Smythe-Smith daughters had grown up, some new cousin rose to take her place, each more tone deaf than the last.

    But that was where Penelope was going to be that evening, and that meant that was where Colin would have to be as well.Colin Bridgerton had quite the bevy of young ladies at his side at the Smythe-Smith musicale Wednesday night, all fawning overhis injured hand.

    This Author does not know how the injury was sustained— indeed, Mr. Bridgerton has been rather annoyingly tight-lipped about it. Speaking of annoyances, the man in question seemed rather irritated by all of the attention. Indeed, This Author overheard him tell his brother Anthony that he wished he'd left the (unrepeatable word) bandage at home.Lady Whistledown's Society Papers,16 April 1824

    Why why why did she do this to herself?Year after year the invitation arrived by messenger, and year after year Penelope swore she would never, as God was her witness, ever attend another Smythe-Smith musicale.