• The Younger Gods (The Dreamers #4) Shirley, Goodness and Mercy (Angels Everywhere #4)

    For a caveman, Sasquatch sure has expensive shit.

    Look what he got for it. A doctor in a hospital, not a soldier on the front, and he’s dead! Don’t try to rationalize war.Silence enveloped us, and I noticed the crowd gawking as they passed by at the same time Josh did. He pulled my messenger bag by the strap, gently guiding me under the nearby tree so we stopped entertaining the masses.

    Library of Souls (Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children #3)

    Please fight for this, Ember. We are worth the fight. I love you, and that’s something I’ve never said to any girl. I love you more than hockey, or the air I breathe. You love me, too!That felt like a giant slap to the face. My love? You want to use my love in this? The tears burst free, streaking my face. I never would have gotten close to you if I knew! I hate what you do. I hate that you lied to me. But mostly, I hate that you let me fall in love with you when you knew! I hate that I love you, so you don’t get to use that. The tears drained my anger into a pit of misery.Pain radiated from his eyes. I love you enough for the both of us. I can’t regret anything that brought us together.

    Holiday Games (Play by Play #6.5)

    His eyes, his words, they all started to melt through my resolve. You should have said something.He took a tentative step, reaching out to run the backs of his fingers down my face. I should have given you the choice and told you, but I couldn’t. You are this miracle, something I never thought I was worthy of touching, let alone calling you mine. I’ve wanted you since I was eighteen, but I was never good enough, not for someone like you.

    Because I had a doctor daddy? I threw his words back in his face, trying to hang on to the last vestiges of my anger. Anger would keep me alive when Josh had the power to break me.

    Because you were kind, and smart, and seemingly unimpressed with me. Oh, you’d watch; believe it, I noticed, but you had way more self-esteem than to throw yourself at anyone. I had too much respect for you to pursue you. I would have wrecked you back then.We dropped Sam off for dinner with her mom and pulled into our driveway. Gus made a big deal about carrying his gear in by himself, so I let him, despite stifling my laughter at the Josh-sized bag. He struggled ahead to the door, and I pulled April back.

    Hey, what was with that guy at the rink?Who? Paul? She innocently brushed imaginary dirt off her arm.

    The Dragon in the Sea

    Yeah, Mr. Not-Brett. You looked pretty close to the guy.And you were nearly clawing off Josh’s clothes, so what does it matter? Not that I blame you. That guy is so sexy.

    The wistfulness in her tone made me sputter. It matters because I don’t have a boyfriend! Also, you don’t get to call Josh ‘sexy.’ He’s six years older than you.Whatever. Look, I’m glad you’re home and stuff, but don’t stick your nose into my business like you haven’t been gone these last couple of years. She huffed into the house.

    I felt like some kind of absentee landlord, trying to mop up damage I hadn’t witnessed. She was right. As close as we’d been growing up, leaving for college changed things. We’d both matured separately, and now there was a distance between us.Inside the foyer, the scent of garlic bread and scallops enveloped us. No way, April muttered, haphazardly tossing her purse into the entryway.

    Mom? I hung up my coat and cautiously approached the kitchen.She stirred the contents of the steaming pot on the stove. Her hair hung wet down her back, and she wore clean clothes without my prompting. Her eyes may have been red-rimmed and swollen, but she was here. Ember, would you grab the dressing out of the refrigerator for the salad?