• The Pagan Stone (Sign of Seven #3) Shattered (The Secret Life of Trystan Scott #4)

    Uh-huh, she said in a teasing tone, then laughed as the truck pulled out of the parking space.

    You ol’ horn dog, she said with a playful push.Can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

    Little Black Book (Little Black Book #1)

    He nuzzled her neck and she felt again she was racing along the Intracoastal.We can pull anchor right up yonder, he said, pointing to a shallow spot near what had been their favorite hammock. Seems as good a place as any to have some lunch.Lunch? I didn’t pack lunch, just some things for us to munch on.

    The Duke and I (Bridgertons #1)

    You weren’t supposed to. You don’t think I invited a lady out for a trip without seeing to the details, do you?I don’t remember you ever bringing food to this hammock before.

    Yeah, well . . . Devlin rubbed his jaw in embarrassment. I’ve grown up a bit since then. Learned some manners at my daddy’s knee.

    Your daddy? I’ll wager you learned through trial and error with all the pretty girls you’ve brought to this hammock since me.The man you saw me with on Saturday?

    He’s the best sex I’ve ever had, Nick. He made what you and I had in bed look like an inexperienced fumble in the dark. And even if I didn’t currently have that man in my bed, you would never be welcome back in it. So if you came here looking to satiate some need that has driven you for years to cheat on a woman who deserved better, then you can go to hell.He paled. That’s not why I’m here.

    Imprudence (The Custard Protocol #2)

    Then why are you standing in my office talking to me about how you miss sex with me when your wife has just died?I don’t know, he moaned. I’m saying it wrong.

    Do you want me to forgive you on Gem’s behalf? Is that it?You knew her best. What would she say?

    Did she know, Nick? Did she know about this other woman?Women, he whispered. They looked like you.

    I suddenly felt queasy as understanding began to dawn. Nick thought he loved me but it wasn’t love. It was an infatuation he’d never been able to rid himself of. He’d self-destructed over and over again, searching for something that didn’t exist. And he’d pulled Gem right down with him. Along with the queasiness, I felt an unbearable sadness for my lost friend, and an impatient need to get her widowed husband out of my sight. She would have forgiven you, I whispered back. She gave up a lot for you and Gem would have needed to believe that you were worth it.She wanted a baby so badly. She thought it would bring us closer together. I killed her. He suddenly sobbed.