• The Shadowhunter's Codex Fear the Darkness (Guardians of Eternity #9)

    What do you mean? She wouldn’t make it easy on him.

    Kiera’s expression turned incredulous. No, of course not. I was worried about you. I just needed to know you were okay. And now…I’m not so sure you are. Her eyes scanning my face, she stepped forward so we were both covered by her mammoth umbrella; someone sheltering me felt oddly nice. It choked me up a little.Swallowing the lump in my throat, I waved off her concern. I’m fine. I smiled, and it hurt. I was anything but fine. Studying Kiera, I asked, Why are you checking on me? You hate me.

    Turned (The Vampire Journals #1)

    A flush of guilt crept over Kiera’s features. I don’t hate you, Griffin. I may not always like you…but I don’t hate you. She sighed. But my sister loves you, and that’s why I’m here. She’s miserable without you, Griffin. They all are…Anna, the girls…the guys. She shrugged as her gaze fell to the concrete.I felt like she’d just grabbed a slab of that stone and cracked me over the head with it. They were all miserable? Without me? I wanted to believe that…but they weren’t exactly knocking down my door asking me to come back. Any of them…Nobody’s miserable without me. Nobody even cares that I’m gone. I’ve been living here for over a year now, and you’re the only one of them who has come down to see me. I wanted to cross my arms over my chest and stand there in proud defiance, but I couldn’t. I had no pride left.

    Sycamore Row (Jake Brigance #2)

    Frowning, Kiera nodded at my car. Can we go somewhere quiet and talk? Preferably somewhere dry? She looked up at the underside of her umbrella. Your mom told me it was going to rain when I asked her where I could find you. I didn’t believe her at the time, but yeah…she’s a smart woman. Her eyes returned to mine, and I could see the compliment in them.I shook my head. Yeah, she is. But apparently, her smarts wasn’t something she passed down to her kids. Not all of them, at least.

    Kiera’s eyes widened in surprise; she’d probably never heard me put myself down before. Not wanting to hear her say it wasn’t true when we both knew it was, I pulled out my car keys. There’s a diner nearby. Are you hungry?

    I couldn’t eat, my mouth felt like ash, but Kiera had just traveled hours to get here, and…as I just remembered…she was pregnant. I made myself smile. You’re pregnant, of course you’re hungry. Congratulations…I bet Kellan’s stoked. Seeing Kiera’s glow reminded me that Anna had wanted another baby. God I missed her.We’d like to take a look in the house, Truman said, breaking the silence.

    Who’s been inside? Mercy asked her mother.Just us. We didn’t touch anything. As soon as we saw the open door, we knew something was wrong. And when we went in . . .

    Making You Mine (The Moreno Brothers #5)

    Did you see any vehicles leaving as you arrived? Anything unusual left behind? Royce asked.Her mother’s hands wouldn’t hold still. She touched her bag, her belt, and her sleeves as she looked to her husband, who shook his head. We didn’t notice anything.

    Let’s take a look. Truman handed booties and gloves to everyone. As she slipped them on, Mercy studied the heavy door and its multiple locks. Nothing was busted or bent. Rose must have left the door unlocked even though she was home alone. Mercy knew a lot of rural home owners didn’t lock their doors, but her father had insisted they keep it locked. Especially after the murders of Jennifer and Gwen.Or did you open it to someone you knew?

    The house appeared pristine except for the kitchen. Russet potatoes were strewn about the floor. Some peeled, some not. A glass bowl lay in shatters among the potatoes. Mercy glanced in the sink, where peelings covered the bottom. A vegetable peeler was abandoned in the brown mess.How many times did I peel potatoes in this kitchen?

    She glanced at her parents, who’d stayed out of the way of the officers, and was pleased to see her father holding her mother’s hand.Some good things haven’t changed.