• On Every Street (The Artists Trilogy #0) Silver Borne (Mercy Thompson #5)

    Death. Franny tells my sister emphatically. Childbirth is like death. Youll think that youre dying and the pain is so bloody awful, youll wish you were already dead.

    The blood of a siren, the blood of a mortal, and the blood of the ocean, Penn recited.The blood of the ocean?

    Protector's Mate (Werewolf Mates #2)

    Its just water. Demeter always had a flare for the dramatics, especially when it came to composing the rules of the curse.So what is the blood of a mortal? Gemma asked. Is that like tears?No, thats blood. Penn looked at her like she was a moron. It was Aglaopes blood and human blood.

    Hit and Run (Keller #4)

    I drank blood? Gemmas stomach clenched, and she put her hand on her belly. You tricked me into drinking blood? What kind of freaky monster are you?Its called a siren, remember? Penn rolled her eyes. You are so much dumber than I thought. Maybe I made a mistake with you. Maybe youre right, and I should let you just go ahead and die.

    Whos blood? Gemma asked, doing her best not to gag.

    Aglaopes. I already told you that.But things had been rough from the start. As soon as Nathalie ran out of the house to greet Harper and saw that Gemma wasnt with her, shed gotten agitated, demanding to know where her younger daughter was.

    The really weird thing was that Gemma had skipped Saturday visits with Nathalie before. Gemma loved their mom and always wanted to see her, but with all her swim meets, sometimes skipping a visit couldnt be helped. Sometimes she just wasnt able to make it.Usually, when Gemma had to go to a meet, Harper would still go see Nathalie. Brian would go watch Gemma swim, so it wasnt like she wouldnt have anyone cheering her on. But Brian would never visit Nathalie. He just couldnt handle it.

    Afterlight (Dark Ink Chronicles #1)

    When Harper visited her mom alone, she would explain where Gemma was, and Nathalie would be fine with it. Sometimes Nathalie didnt even seem to notice.But this time it was as if Nathalie knew something was wrong. She knew Gemma should be here, and she wasnt. So she freaked out.

    Harper and Becky, one of the staff who worked at Nathalies group home, managed to get her in the house before she totally lost it. But now it was only Nathalie and Harper in her bedroom, with Harper futilely attempting to contain the situation.No, no, no, Nathalie repeated over and over, shaking her head rapidly.

    Today Becky had done Nathalies hair in two long braids with a red feather woven into one. When Nathalie shook her head, Harper had to be careful to move out of the way because the braids were like whips.What, Mom? Harper asked gently.

    This isnt right, Nathalie insisted. She paced her room, which was hard to do, since shed thrown everything around in the room.The staff had informed Harper that Nathalie had done it yesterday during some kind of tantrum. Her clothes and stuffed animals were all over the floor, along with her stereo and her beloved Justin Bieber CDs.