• Dirty Little Secret (Forbidden Desires #1) Lady Friday (The Keys to the Kingdom #5)

    He’d known that they weren’t going to find anything. Or if he hadn’t known it, he had been almost sure of it. And he’d come tonight mostly just to humor her. Hyacinth decided she loved him all the more for that.

    Who are you? I whispered.The woman slid slowly off the rock and padded with bare feet across the sharp ground toward me. Her skin looked thin. I was sure the rocks would cut her soles. You know me, she rasped, her lips curving in a knowing smile.

    The Vincent Boys (The Vincent Boys #1)

    Hortencia? I asked. Who else could it be?It is me, she said. Always me.What… What happened to you?

    End of Days (Penryn & the End of Days #3)

    I left, she said simply. And I will not be returning. But I did not abandon you. I saw that your needy self would come for me, and so we meet like this.I was surprised that she had taken the trouble to leave that note and vial for me. In her eyes at least, Hortencia owed me nothing. On the contrary, I owed her. In fact, I wasn’t really sure why she bothered to help any supernaturals at all. Maybe it was just for her own amusement.

    As I gazed around the chamber, I wanted to ask what this even was—where were we? But before I could, the oracle continued, So you trusted me enough to drink the juice.

    Trust might be too flattering a word. I had no choice, I said through gritted teeth.Colin only caught the last word of Cressida's monologue, but there was no way he could have missed the massive collective indrawn breath that swept the ballroom.

    Followed by the flurry of harsh, urgent whispers one generally only hears after someone is caught in a very embarrassing, very public compromising position.wWhat?" he blurted out, turning to Penelope, who'd gone white as a sheet. "What did she say?"But Penelope was speechless.

    Bane (The Devil's Roses #2)

    He looked to Lady Danbury, but the old lady had her hand over her mouth and looked as if she might possibly swoon.Which was somewhat alarming, as Colin would havebet large sums of money that Lady Danbury had never once swooned in all of her seventy-odd years.wWhat?" he demanded again, hoping one of them would break free of her stupor.wIt can't be true," Lady Danbury finally whispered, her mouth slack even as she spoke the words. "I don't believe it."wWhat?"

    She pointed toward Cressida, her extended index finger quivering in the flickering candlelight. "That lady is not Lady Whistledown."Colin's head snapped back and forth. To Cressida. To Lady Danbury. To Cressida. To Penelope.wShe's Lady Whistledown?" he finally blurted out.wSo she says," Lady Danbury replied, doubt written all over her face.

    Colin tended to agree with her. Cressida Twombley was the last person he'd have pegged as Lady Whistledown. She was smart; there was no denying that. But she wasn't clever, and she wasn't terribly witty unless she was poking fun at others. Lady Whistledown had a rather cutting sense of humor, but with the exception of her infamous comments on fashion, she never seemed to pick on the less popular members of society.When all was said and done, Colin had to say that Lady Whistledown had rather good taste in people.wI can't believe this," Lady Danbury said with a loud snort of disgust. "If I'd dreamed this would happen, I would never have made that beastly challenge."wThis is horrible," Penelope whispered.

    Her voice was quavering, and it made Colin uneasy. "Are you all right?" he asked.She shook her head. "No, I don't think I am. I feel rather ill, actually."wDo you want to leave?"