• Four Psychos (The Dark Side #1) Steadfast (Spellcaster #2)

    Layla was likewise standing on the periphery, one hand on her belly, her eyes straight ahead but not really focused on anything.

    Instantly, people were coming at him, clapping his palms, talking at him, asking him questions.God, I want to stay here, he thought.

    Ten Things I Love About You (Bevelstoke #3)

    As with so many nights, he changed train tracks in his head, stepping away from the Trez stuff to the things he wished he were free to think about all the time. The place was hopping during the after-hours cleanup, reports that their dining rooms had been full, and that a critic from Food & Wine had come in for a four-top, being told to him over and over.He wasn’t going to inform them all about the change in ownership. He was just going to set it up and mail the papers in. And he was going to take care of the tax implications, too, so the title was free and clear.Going over to the stove, he popped the top of the marinara pot and sniffed. Then he picked up the oregano container and added some. I told you last week, he said to the sous-chef. You need to watch the balance here.

    Someone Like You (Los Lobos #1)

    As he replaced the lid, he thought about how he’d imagined bringing maichen here. How in a rose-colored moment, when he’d pictured her settling in Caldwell and being with him, he’d seen them sitting in this kitchen on a Monday night, when the restaurant was closed, at a two-top over there where the mise en place stations were.He’d gone so far as to plan the menu.

    In a way, he and Trez were walking similar paths. He hadn’t literally had his beloved die … but the female he’d fallen in love with wasn’t on the planet anymore.

    And actually, maybe he needed to add one more thing to his pre-departure to-do list. After he checked on the two clubs, maybe it’d be a good idea to have a drink.My heart stuck in tar as Jasmine rolled sedately into the room. Her bronze eyes hid her terror, but her face couldn’t hide her dislike. She didn’t look away from Jethro.

    Jethro looked back at his sister, hanging his head in shame.Kestrel came into the room, his hands tied behind his back, his face a mismatch of purple, black, and blue.

    All the Flowers Are Dying (Matthew Scudder #16)

    He gave me a sad smile, flicking his attention between Jethro, V, and his father.Glad you could join us, Cut snarled, glaring at his offspring.

    Jasmine sat taller in her chair, her pink angora jumper matching the deep rose of the blanket thrown over her legs. Father, don’t do this. Think about what this will—He knows the consequences, child, Bonnie interrupted. And he’s accepted the payment as a necessary sacrifice. Her matching skirt and blazer were black, as if she were already in mourning. A string of pearls graced her throat, bobbing with every swallow. Her eyes landed on Cut. It’s your decision, son.

    Cut nodded, getting his temper under control, slipping back into a ruthless, terrifying man with far too much power.I trembled, trying to work out the dynamics in the room.

    No answers came, and in a seamless move, Cut reached behind him and pulled free a pistol.I stood transfixed in the centre, stuck between Jethro and Vaughn. I couldn’t move. Couldn’t decide who was the most at risk of a madman waving a gun.