• Bayon Jean-Baptiste (Bayou Heat #3) Melting the Ice (Play by Play #7)

    His smile fell away, and he exchanged a look with the redhead. I definitely did not like the vibe I was getting from them. I wanted to run to the house away from them, but I feared if I ran, like mad dogs, they would give chase.

    He’s going to hurt you. Spank you. Bite you.The panic was worse than the pain and out of nowhere a familiar tug happened deep inside. A tug of promise—a shelter where I’d once hidden.

    The Witch of Duva (The Grisha #0.5)

    Horror shoved away the first brick sliding into place. No!Never again would I shut myself off. No matter what I went through I couldn’t go back into that circular prison. I wouldn’t find my way out again.Q’s fingers squeezed, reminding me of the day he’d strapped me to the cross and waited to see how far I’d let him go.

    White Witch, Black Curse (The Hollows #7)

    I couldn’t stomach the stretching tautness. If I let Q draw out the connection, he’d taste my reluctance.Q’s fingers broke away from my throat, falling to his side as I jumped on him. He grunted as my body weight knocked his balance, making him stagger backward.

    I was the one taking. I was the one reclaiming our relationship and even though I knew pain would be forthcoming, I relished the power at the surprise in Q’s eyes.

    But then it was gone. Replaced with fierce lust and unfathomable possession.Kind of, yeah, Serg nodded. I just want to get to Canada as quickly as possible.

    Boden scratched his head and muttered something to himself. You can walk with us, if you like. We can’t promise you protection, and we won’t share any of our provisions.I understand. Serg offered a small smile. Thank you.

    Samson's Lovely Mortal (Scanguards Vampires #1)

    Once he was out of earshot, I turned to Boden and said, What’d you invite him along for?I’d rather have him walking beside us than sneaking up behind us, Boden replied simply.

    We finished packing our things and headed out. We started out following Boden’s path as closely as we could, but when we heard the rumblings of zombies nearby, we had to diverge from the course.It was nice that we had a map, though, and for once we weren’t wandering completely blind, even if it was hard to discern where we were since we weren’t really following roads.

    The zombies called frequently in the distance, but we never got close enough to see them. But to be safe, we didn’t slow down. We kept as quick a pace as we could manage and didn’t take any breaks.That ended up wearing on the kids. Teddy and Nolita ended up carrying Stella most of the day, taking turns between them. I would’ve offered to carry her myself, but I didn’t think she liked me that much.

    Besides that, the walking was harder on me than I’d ever admit. My stomach ached terribly, and when I’d cleaned up in the morning, I’d noticed that my incision was leaking. I assumed that wasn’t good, but I didn’t want to ask Daniels for help. Not unless I absolutely had to, and I wasn’t there yet.By midafternoon, Max really started trailing. I walked in the back with him, and eventually I took his hand, nearly dragging him along. He didn’t whine or complain, though – he just struggled to keep up.