• Kiss of Death (The Morganville Vampires #8) A Court of Frost and Starlight (A Court of Thorns and Roses #3.1)

    But what was done was done.

    Ianthe and her two guards stepped over the threshold. Then another step. Past the open door. They didnt see me in the shadows behind it.Dinner, I said to the Weaver, whirling around the door—to its outside face. And let go of the handle.

    The Arrangement 2 (The Arrangement #2)

    Just as the door slammed shut hard enough to rattle the cottage, I saw the ball of faelight that Ianthe lifted to illuminate the room.Saw the horrible face of the Weaver, that mouth of stumped teeth opening wide with delight and unholy hunger. A death-god of old—starved for life. With a beautiful priestess before her.I was already hurtling for the trees when the guards and Ianthe began screaming.

    Animal Magnetism (Animal Magnetism #1)

    Their unending screams followed me for half a mile. By the time I reached the spot where Id seen the Suriel fall, theyd faded.Sprawled out, the Suriels bony chest heaved unevenly, its breaths few and far between.

    I slid to my knees before it, sinking into the bloody moss. Let me help you. I can heal you.

    Id do it the same way Id helped Rhysand. Remove those arrows—and offer it my blood.My magic was still too weak to grow those Illyrian wings, but I gestured to the Illyrians and said, I want you to teach me.

    Mor blurted, Really? while Lucien—Lucien—said, Well, that explains the wings.Nesta leaned forward to appraise me. What wings?

    Illusion (Swept Away #1)

    I can—shape-shift, I admitted. And with the oncoming conflict, I declared to all of them, knowing how to fly might be … useful. I jerked my chin toward Cassian, who now studied me with unnerving intensity—sizing me up. I assume the battles against Hybern will include Illyrians. A shallow nod from the general. Then I plan to fight with you. In the skies.I waited for the objections, for Rhys to shut it down.

    There was only the howling wind outside the dining room windows.Cassian whooshed out a breath. I dont know if its technically even possible—time-wise. Youd have to learn not only how to fly, but how to bear the weight of your shield and weapons—and how to work within an Illyrian unit. It takes us decades to master that last part alone. We have months at best—weeks at worst.

    My chest sank a bit.Then well teach her what we know until then, Rhys said. But the stars in his eyes turned stone-cold as he added, Ill give her any shot at an advantage—at getting away if things go to shit. Even a day of training might make a difference.

    Azriel tucked in his wings, his beautiful features uncharacteristically soft. Contemplative. Ill teach you.Are you … certain? I asked.