• Stung (Stung #1) When You Were Mine (The Moreno Brothers #1.6)

    Yeah, I muttered and headed toward my car. Guess I’m awesome like that.

    What? I spluttered. How did they get in here? Why did Mona allow it? Odelia is dead? What do they want?She wet her lower lip, drawing in a sharp breath. Odelia was murdered. I’m not sure exactly how it happened. Mona said they called her attention outside the island… They claim they want to form an alliance with us. I didn’t have time to discuss any details with her, but—

    Blood Red

    I want them off this island.Derek… they said they can help us find Rose.I stared at Sofia, unable to believe that she was even entertaining the idea of cooperating with them.

    Mine to Hold (Mine #3)

    I don’t care what they say, I growled, scraping my chair back and standing up. I stalked to the door and looked back at Sofia. Stay here and keep an eye on Ben. I’m going to tell Mona right now—She hurried over to me and gripped my arm, pulling me back. Wait, she breathed, her eyes glistening with tears. I had the same reaction as you when I first saw them. But Derek… how long has it been since Ibrahim and Corrine left? What if… what if something happened to them? They haven’t made contact with us as they promised they would. So much time has passed, with Rose gone. I’m losing hope… Her voice broke.

    The way she was looking at me made me ache inside. I saw such sorrow in those beautiful eyes of hers. It cut me that there was nothing I could do to alleviate her suffering.

    I held her waist and drew her closer to me, wiping her tears with my thumbs and kissing her cheeks.That women needs a friend, she whispered.

    It was very kind of you to talk to her and invite them to eat with us.It wasn’t hard. I liked her a lot, she said. I liked Nate as well.

    Your Guardian Angel (Guardian Angel #1)

    He seems taken with you.My pulse sped up. I don’t know, Mom.

    Just be a friend, she said, patting my arm. But don’t give too much of yourself away . . . for now.I wondered if maybe I already had.

    Jessie sat waiting for me at a table in the student center. I suddenly felt like a dumbass that I had asked her to meet me at all. I was thrilled to see her, definitely, but I wished it had been under different circumstances.Because she was like a bright ray of light offering me hope and confidence that maybe I could work through all my shit and find a way to be with her, really be with her, in a healthier way.

    I had no damn desire to be with anybody else, but I was still so raw, so petrified. Of who I was, who I might become. And she knew, without uttering a single word that this was my struggle.Our attraction was off the charts but still I kept her at arm’s length. Nevertheless, she remained who she was, never placing any pressure on me, and I admired and appreciated that.