• Autumn Whispers (Otherworld/Sisters of the Moon #14) Hunted (Vampires in America #0)

    I turn, my eyes following him. What the hell was that?

    Marshall stole the paper from me and slid it up the table.Cut caught it; he took his time reading, his eyes darting over fine print.

    A Chill In The Blood (Vampire Files #7)

    I breathed hard, suffering a crushing weight of grief and revulsion.Why couldn’t Cut and Bonnie be dead instead of Jethro and Kestrel?Because life is never fair and it’s up to me to carve out justice.

    The Trouble with Demons (Raine Benares #3)

    Jasmine remained rigid until Cut finally raised his eyes and shot the contract over the satin wood toward us. I’m happy with that. The Fourth Debt will be repaid slightly differently to the rest, but that will be another discussion. His eyes met his children’s. In this case, three signatures will be required—Nila, Dan, and Jaz.He made it sound like a school permission slip for us all to go play happily together.

    Samuel Cole, who hadn’t made a sound since I’d arrived, spoke up. In that case, it is my duty to advise all of you that this new clause will be forever known as amendment 1-345-132.

    My eyes widened. How many amendments had there been to warrant such a crazy number?Jethro was gone. I’d never seen anyone die before. Never been to a funeral or witnessed a pet succumb—even my own mother just vanished rather than died. My first participation in death and it’d been two men who’d captured my affection, turning me into a completely different person.

    The old Nila died the day she entered Hawksridge. But this new Nila was a fading photograph, vanishing piece by piece while her lover bled out on priceless carpet.Daniel threw me away from him. Snap out of it!

    All Lined Up (Rusk University #1)

    Vertigo caught me in its sickening embrace. For once, I didn’t fight it. I tumbled to the carpet, letting a whirligig of rollercoasters and nausea take me, thanks to my broken brain. Normally, it was the worst kind of punishment, but now it was better than facing reality.Vibrations in the carpet alerted me to Daniel’s closeness. He towered over me, rage painting his face. Pay attention to me, Weaver! His boot shot like a black meteor, connecting with my belly.

    Pain crept over my senses—pain I didn’t want to feel because it reminded me I wasn’t dead…wasn’t free. I was still here—in this pointless game of madness and deception.His boot crunched against my belly, sending white-hot agony up my chest.

    Vaughn. My father. I still had family who mattered. People I couldn’t abandon.I don’t have the luxury of giving up.

    Jethro and Kes had been murdered by men who’d polluted the world for long enough. I’d made a promise to my ancestors to end this. I now made a promise to them.I will end this once and for all.